Pamela Davis With Total Life Changes

Rises to Rank of National Director 




Nicole Dunkley recent wrote in the online newspaper a heart warming story of trials, tribulations and ultimate success.  The story of Pamela Davis with TLC, Total Life Changes.

Here is an excerp of that article as, Ms Davis, explains her decision to finally say, ‘Yes’ to TLC:

“After building a high five-figure income within my previous company for two years, the compensation plan just crashed. It wasn’t built to support distributors that I would characterize as, “little people”. It was built to fund only those distributors at the very top.

I was not ready to give this industry another chance. Mentally and physically I didn’t have the strength to help build another direct sales business. However, my financial situation was getting worse.”

“My health was failing and honestly, I was in a state of depression. Yes!!! A woman of faith and a believer in Jesus Christ. Like many, my faith was tested. I lost my home, real estate properties, cars. There were days with no food in my home and many days of nothing more than seasoned noodles. And mind you, that type of food wasn’t good for someone like me that was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease.”

Pamela Davis is a mother and a grandmother that has always focused on building generational wealth for her children. Pamela quickly realized that Total Life Changes offers a unique, hybrid-binary compensation plan that pays distributors five different ways on a weekly basis.


“God set me up with that little pack of Iaso tea. I often say, we can’t make medical claims. But testimonies tell it all. I’m blessed because of my results on the Iaso brand of supplements. TLC is blessed by so many testimonies of our customers and team members. They have inspired me and I’m determined to share TLC products with everyone.

Whoever thought that one little pack of tea would change so many lives, with so many other awesome products. TLC Pays! The opportunity is Real! We are winning over here! TGBTG! I went from $1579 a month to recently $15,000 in one month. Who does this?, TLC Baby!”

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