Mark And Miki Nishiyama Achieve $200,000 Per Month With OneLife

Mark And Miki Nishiyama Achieve $200,000 Per Month With OneLife



Mark and Miki Nishiyama, seems to have a knock for being first or pioneers. They were the first Diamond in their company for Japan. Now at Blue Diamonds from Japan, they are currently placed in the Top 100 in the Business For Home ranking, with incomes approaching $200,000 per month.

This couple possess many years’ experience of leadership skills. They have worked both together and separately. They have created strong organizations in their previous companies, although it’s with OneLife and the Success 4 All OneDreamTeam team where they have encountered the biggest change.

“We work with numerous teams from different places, but with an incredible connection.¬†We have done our best from the beginning, working every day for more than 13 hours, for our sake at the beginning, but now we continue doing our best for the team. And this time, we have a very powerful tool for us and for the members of our team: financial education.” Miki says.

“We have a huge responsibility for our team. We teach them not to make mistakes that we ourselves committed in the past.



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