#1 Amazon Ace Affiliate Opportunity


#1 Amazon Ace Affiliate Opportunity

Image used in a training by Rapid Crush/ASM in their Las Vegas Training

Imagine having the #1 Amazon ace affiliate opportunity and Amazon’s $170 Billion Opportunity, Sitting Right at Your Doorstep.

Imagine it staring you in your face every day, just waiting for you to reach out and flip its money making switch to on. I suspect you have not done that yet because you have some major concerns.

 So I am going to show you something crazy…to help you eliminate all your concerns. Have you met anyone crazy, crazy, crazy enough to do this?

This is truly CRAZY & it sure isn’t for everyone.

Update…the ASM 6-Month Buy Back Promise is gone…. As you may already know, ​​ASM is already backed by their unconditional 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Well , they are so confident in their product that they are going way and beyond the popular 30 days money back guarantee.

They gave away a 6 months bonus. But that is over … ASM9 is here now totally revamped. This like putting making money on Amazon on Steroids.  

Don’t let this new crazy offer/ opportunity slip through your fingers… like the 6 Months Buy Back Program did. In any business enterprise a certain number of people always get highly rewarded.  They are usually first movers. And you just received the first video in 4 video series.  You can now be one of those people by moving NOW.

Ok So let’s continue…. You’ve heard of the fortune being made daily on and with Amazon.   But you feel helpless. If only you knew how to make money with Amazon.   I can lead you  on to video #2…imagine how you long to flip that switch that would lead to you enjoying the benefits and profits you’ve heard Amazon provides. But listen, and I am not trying to rub insults on injury, but I think you should know that there are folks known as affiliates.

Some are earning up to $100,000 or more per month sharing a program that’s changing lives, around the world, every day. The program is independent of, but relevant to Amazon.  This new offer ASM9 ends May 3rd, 2018.

Imagine how your life would be, if you had shared in the over $9,000,000 in commissions the program paid out to affiliates in 2017 alone! It is so lucrative that several affiliates earned over $1,000,000 last year! But that’s not all, $150,000,000+ is how much the administrators of the program estimated, their members are generating in sales every single month on Amazon.

These are sales from businesses built by regular people who have gone through Amazing Selling Machine, aka, ASM, training. Imagine discovering a proven business model that you can build – even with zero business experience.  Why? Because it uses billions of dollars in existing technology, marketing, and infrastructure. Imagine no more, because ASM is here to your rescue.   They have been fulfilling people’s fantasies, their hopes and their dreams for some years now. I am confident that they can show you…

How to Start Selling on Amazon Without Investing a Lot of Money

ASM shows you how to build a business, selling on Amazon without investing a lot of money.

They teach you a step by step process for you to comfortably start from scratch, with confidence, leveraging the power of Amazon. Just imagine tapping into the estimated $170 billion per year in revenue that Amazon currently generates.

Incidentally, much of Amazon’s revenue is from sales on its websites around the world generated by people just like you and I. I am sure you have heard that you can list products for sale on Amazon and make money every time someone buys.

Yes, you can do that. There are millions of products you can sell using this model. Yes there are but…Maybe:

*** You thinking that you could never get off the ground.

*** you don’t know what business to start or even where to begin.

*** you’re thinking it’s too difficult, too unclear, or too risky.

*** you are thinking what if you do get started, then what?

But what if I can show you how to get the money to get started?

But listen I saved the best for last.

How would you like to be able to raise all the money you ever need to start your business?

Sound interesting?  Well it is take a look…Crowdfunding

Make Money With #1 Amazon Ace Affiliate Opportunity

Image from Rapid Crush/ASM training in LV.

*** you gonna struggle to get sales, face competition, and have to do everything yourself.

*** you thinking about a struggle to build a profitable business, much less achieve freedom.

If those thoughts are running through your mind, it’s ok. They are not unfounded. It just means you have real human emotions.

Fortunately as you have heard ASM is here for you. With ASM you will discover that there’s a different path to getting what you want… Instead of figuring everything out on your own including:

*** Deciding what product to sell

*** Figuring how to get the business off the ground

*** Learning the operations

*** Testing and trying marketing methods until you figure out what really works And learning how to scale the business so it nearly runs itself (the secret to your freedom).

Why not let someone else figure all that out for you and just show you exactly what to do, step-by-step?

Incidentally, that’s exactly what ASM does.

*** It shows you how to build your own brand that you control.

*** It shows you how to Use the Proven System to Start, Grow, and Scale a Highly Profitable Amazon Business.

How to Leverage the Power of Amazon to Quickly Generate Sales and Profits

In essence Amazing Selling Machine teaches you how to harness the Power of One of the World’s Largest Online Retailers. It teaches you how to leverage the power of Amazon to quickly generate sales and profits. 

Listen to a testimony sent to the folks at ASM by one of their members. “In March of 2016, we launched our first product on Amazon.

In our first 12 months, we sold over $528,000 in products!

We’ve averaged over $80k in sales for the past 4 months and are on pace… to sell over $1 million dollars in products this year – only our second year in business.

We’ve been able to take 3 vacations in the past year including a first ever trip for our kids to Disneyland.

We’re so grateful for the success that ASM set us up for and we are recommending this course to all our friends and family.” Ben and Charity DeVries

Make Money With #1 Amazon Ace Affiliate Opportunity

ASM/Rapid Crush affiliate training in Las Vegas NV.

The success of ASM members has been and continues to be phenomenal. The folks at ASM are proud to say that the #1 Affiliate Opportunity is Back After 18 months of being off the market, they brought it back in 2017.

AS you can see it is not always available.  It’s possible that you only have a short window of opportunity here.   This is what the folks at ASM are saying about their program.   “We didn’t know what to expect from a sales standpoint or member results standpoint.

To our surprise, we generated over $8 million sales, with affiliates earning over $4 million, in the two-week ASM7 launch in April of 2017. Then, we generated over $11 million sales, with affiliates earning over $5.5 million, in the two-week ASM8 launch in October of 2017. Needless to say, ASM9 is now here!

Members are building incredible businesses every single day with ASM and we continue to get a stream of proof inside the private Facebook group.”   I know all of that sounds good, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re thinking… ”Isn’t There Too Much Competition on Amazon?” Well, you wouldn’t be alone thinking that way. 

It is actually one of the biggest objections we get from potential members AND potential affiliates.

What they fail to consider, is the crazy, relentless growth of Amazon. Plus Amazon’s CEO relentless pursuit of what he calls Day #1 strategy: “Since the beginning, Jeff Bezos has been reminding his team that at Amazon, it is always Day 1. Every year, he reinforces the company’s commitment to this philosophy by republishing the 1997 letter to shareholders in which he mapped out the Day 1 approach.

Here’s how he described his vision for Amazon:   “This is Day 1 for the Internet and, if we execute well, for Today, online commerce saves customers money and precious time. Tomorrow, through personalization, online commerce will accelerate the very process of discovery. uses the Internet to create real value for its customers and, by doing so, hopes to create an enduring franchise, even in established markets. … Though we are optimistic, we must remain vigilant and maintain a sense of urgency.”

Source link:   Why Amazon Still Acts Like a Startup (Even Though It Makes More Than $100 Billion a Year)     That sense of urgency is what keeps Amazon acting like an aggressive startup two decades later, even though the company earns more than $100 billion annually.”     Amazon’s revenue is at an all-time high (projected to hit nearly $170 billion in 2017) Amazon’s market capitalization hit an all-time high Jeff Bezos became the richest person on the planet Amazon’s 2017 Prime Day generated over $1 billion in revenue Amazon’s European marketplaces are growing like crazy The Amazon opportunity is far from over – the way we see it and the market is proving, it’s just getting started.

How to Reap Rewards From Amazon’s Relentless Growth

People jumping into Amazon through ASM are reaping the rewards of this platform’s relentless growth.

Image from Rapid Crush/ASM training in LV.

Image of Rapid Crush/ASM training in Las Vegas

As an Amazon seller, you get to tap into Amazon’s huge resources and credibility (which you’d have to build or pay for selling outside of Amazon). This means less work and higher profits for you as a seller.   I think it is safe to say, that there are still thousands of products opportunities untapped, especially as ASM continues to expand and improve their training… Which consist of 4 components.  

 The first, an 8-Weeks Online Web Class. The name said it all. This is a 100% online training and can be accessed from any web browser, anywhere in the world. It is as simple as login in, at your convenience. You follow the lessons, and build your business step-by-step following our instructions. You have unlimited access to this training.   

Whether you’re building this business on the weekends, at night, in the morning, or during your lunch break, you can do it with the proven online web class. I invite you to discover what is known to ASMers as the “Momentum Learning Method” that helps you get results incredibly fast.

This is a special technique built specifically to teach you how to build this business. Each lesson in the web class is hyper-focused and includes the exact information you need to get to the next step in your business.   You watch the video lesson, then immediately take the next step in growing your business. 

 Here is Video #3 Amazing Coaching 

Then, once that step is complete, you watch the next lesson, and keep building your business and reap amazing results.   Just like this ASM Video Testimonial sent in to ASM by member, Hutch.  According to the story:   “Hutch started his Amazon business to save his nephews… Most of us – I’d dare to say 99% of us – want to start a business because we want to have more time, more freedom, more money to buy nice things and to go to nice places, etc.

That wasn’t Hutch’s motivation. He started his Amazon business so he could save his nephews from going to a foster home. Hutch was just 6 months into his marriage when his sister got into a crisis where she no longer could take care of her kids.   To save his nephews from going to a foster home, Hutch and his wife decided to take care of his sister’s kids.

But since Hutch was at a dead-end job, he couldn’t provide his new big family everything they need. So he decided to look for an additional income stream.   That’s how he found out about the Amazing Selling Machine. Click the link here to hear Hutch’s moving ASM story:   Now even though, I have given you a lot of information on ASM and Amazon, I realized that, you may still be thinking that, it’s too late to start an Amazon business.

#1 Amazon Amazon Ace Affiliate Opportunity

Rapid Crush/ASM Amazon’s success Training

I can understand and respect that, because, when I talk to people about starting an Amazon business, and how it’s a great way to start your own business, I often hear from them: “Yea’, that’s nice, but now it’s too late. That opportunity has passed.” 

I respectfully disagree.   Amazon is growing rapidly, Grab this offer, it expire at midnight 4/27/18 PST.

Some analysts say that in the next 5 years, Amazon will grow each year by 20%.

That’s HUGE! (It’s actually in the running to be the first trillion dollar company!)  Roughly, 300 MILLION people are buying from Amazon and that number is still growing. And they all need products!

YOUR PRODUCTS   So, I’d argue confidently that this opportunity hasn’t passed, it’s only just begun.   And you should take advantage of it.

The Chinese have a proverb: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The 2nd best time is now.” Start planting the seeds for your business today.

Click this link to learn:

*** more about selling on Amazon

*** how ASM can help you in the process,

*** how to be a part of the $150,000,000+ ASM administrators, estimated, that their members are generating in sales every single month on Amazon.

Click  the link here to learn  how to Make Money With #1 Amazon Ace Affiliate Opportunity.

New Offer Ends May 3, 2018.


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