Kenny & Terri Smith–Ambit

Energy’s-Road To Success


Kenny & Terri Smith – Ambit Energy’s Road To Success



This is the story of Kenny & Terri Smith, National Consultants with Ambit Energy.  This is a excerp from the original story written by by TED NUYTEN on MARCH 10, 2016, in his Business for home Enewsletter.


Theirs is a hearth wrenching life changing story of a tenacious struggle that ultimately led to success. I like their story because in my opinion it represents the story of thousands of people online as they struggle to change their living circumstances.


The following is a part of the way the Smith’s put their struggles.


“We wanted more and truly deserved more,and once again, the vehicle to take us there was the problem. You see,we have done every lotion,potion,pill,vitamin,girdle,makeup,gas additive,ppl,silver coins,ect.ect.ect….They all promised a great future but delivery is still on hold.


Pastor comes home one day and announces, “Sweetheart, I found something for you to do!”. I didn’t know if I had it in me to try one more time, for the last time.


We sat down and took an in depth look into this service, and discovered it was poised to pay us more money in one month than all our friends make all year long.


We didn’t have the initial investment, so to get it we used O.P.M., other people’s money. In other words, we decided someone would not get paid that month, so WE HID OUR CAR,ONE MORE TIME.


We put our heads down, went to work, looked up six months later we had promoted to Executive Consultants in this company.


There was great opposition from family and friends, but we didn’t buy their opinion. The only good thing about an opinion is that everybody has one.”


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Candace says:

This is the truth. In today’s living it is so important to not worry about what people say about your ideas. Some do not have anything to look forward to so they watch you and your dream. The idea of using other people’s money is powerful especially when your acting in faith. This is a vey powerful article.

Thank you

jovilig says:

I thought there was a lesson to learn from this powerful story. I was so inspired I just had to share it.

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