Discover How to Make $40,000 per Month Selling on Amazon


Can you make $40,000 per month selling on Amazon? It’s possible.

What would you say about learning?

Yeah or nay? If you got excited and said yeah!

Cool you have got an abundance mentality.


But if you had to question yourself and question the question and think…

about it it is possible that you don’t have an abundance mentality.

You may be living paycheck-to-paycheck. 

Living paycheck-to-paycheck sucks… but it is a reality many people face.


What’s shocking is that it has little to do with how much you earn, and everything to do with how you earn.
Case in point: nearly 40% of Americans who earn $100,000 a year live paycheck-to-paycheck. 
The problem here isn’t just overspending. It’s the fact that they are trading most of their time for money…which leaves just a little time to go and make more money. 
The key is to borrow a simple idea from the ultra wealthy: Stop trading your time. Start building and
selling ASSETS.
Surprisingly, that doesn’t take long to do. 


Today many people are making money on Amazon some to the tune of over $40,000., monthly. 

Some are praying for a way to do so, if given the opportunity? Now what was your answer? 


I guess you had thought about, what if you could make some money on Amazon?  If you have, would $40,000, or more a month be cool for you?

Would $480,000 per year interest you? Yes, it would, but you don’t know where to start nor who to trust.

If that has been your worries, your making money on Amazon worries are over.


With your permission, I’d like to invite you to preview a powerful and proven system on a training webinar

A system that’s in use and has created phenomenal results for its member users, in dealing with Amazon to be exact.


Make Money With #1 Amazon Ace Affiliate Opportunity

Image of Rapid Crush/ ASM training in Las Vegs

The system has been responsible for members like Sean McLellan’s success on Amazon. He sold his first product on Amazon a few years ago on June 4.

He posted  on August 14th, then, that he just passed $10,000 in sales. And that his orders have unexpectedly doubled over the past week.

He went on to thank ASM for getting him started, but not only that. He also thank everyone in the group for their inspiration, feedback, etc, etc, etc.

He said many of them had been helpful to him. So ASM has an active Facebook group members.


One of the most effective ways to build an asset today and earn a passive income is to create your own brand of products to sell online. 
What better place to start, than with the #1 online retailer in the world? Amazon. 
U.S. shoppers are on track to spend $367 BILLION on Amazon this year…
and people who are selling on Amazon are raking in tens of thousands a month in profits. 
Not only can selling on Amazon pay you a hefty passive income now, but you can also sell your brand for 2-5x the value of your monthly sales down the road. 
That’s exactly how a Canadian college dropout, a single mom in Costa Rica, and a couple of American eye doctors created multi-million dollar paydays for themselves in 2021. 
They each built a brand that did well over $80,000 a month on Amazon, and sold their businesses for a 7-figure exit this year.
Join us for a FREE TRAINING to find out step-by-step how to put this plan into motion for your life. 

Image From ASM’s Amazon Training in LV

His training was created by the guys at ASM, Amazing Selling Machine. They are at it again.

They have recently created a four part series of videos, that builds up from one video to the other.

It is excellent for people who are interested in learning how to successfully make money on Amazon.

The first video shows you the process of finding red hot products opportunities, or you can say goldmine opportunities

on Amazon, huge platform. The instructions are clear and the training materials are potent.

Creating success for member users right from the “getgo.” But that’s not all.

What Products Should I sell on Amazon?

If you ever wondered, what products should I sell on Amazon? They have got you covered.

They even give you a brand new list of 100 hand picked hot opportunities to get you started.

In the training you, learn how to find the best products and and if you sourcing from China, how to get them shipped

from there for the lowest possible cost with ease.

#1 Amazon Amazon Ace Affiliate Opportunity

Rapid Crush/ASM Amazon’s success Training

But that’s not all along with the above information, they even give you contact information of agents, in China.

These are people who may possibly handle everything for you from there.

If you’d be satisfied with that much business life enhancing information, you will be pleased with the following.

These guy are something else. 

In their training they even squelch, the common misconception, “that you have to spend a bunch of time managing inventory.”

 Far from the truth in your training, you’ll learn how simple it is to sell real physical products on Amazon. 

You’ll never have to touch any inventory.

What that means is that you can live or vacation anywhere in the world while your business produces sales for you. 

Now for most other companies that much information is all about what they cover, but not here.

You’ll also learn how to automate your business using Amazon resources. 

You will learn how to simply, pick out red hot opportunities and move on.

Image of ASM Training on Amazon in LV

You’ll get to learn how to find high quality suppliers. You may have heard that China is famous for low quality goods.

While that may be true, they also have an abundance of high quality goods suppliers, just like the USA and other countries.

But the location of the supplier does not matter to how you do this business.

The steps to doing this successfully are the same no matter where you are. So once you learn it you can do from anywhere in the world..

You will also learn, what countries to use to get certain kinds of high quality products.

You will learn how to do the above and a whole lot more, including how to do researches successfully.

You can do that right from your home… just like another successful ASM member an Amazon entrepreneur Mr. Mike McClary.

Is it Worth it to Sell on Amazon?

If you were to ask Mr. McClary, if its worth it to sell on Amazon? He would surely tell you yes. But not everyone selling on Amazon would feel that way.

Because not every one selling on Amazon is making money.

Mr. McClary on the other hand, has several successful products selling from several Amazon accounts.

In one of his accounts, one of his brand did over $826,000 in sales on Amazon in one year.

If that was all he did, it would have been a nice payday. But he went on to show another account with over$200,000 in sales.

And then another one that did over$343,000 with an average sales order of $29.42.

ASM Training LV

Just those 3 products netted him over $1.5 million in sales over the past 12 months.

But that’s not all, because of Mr. McClary success with high quality products on Amazon…they invited him into a very lucrative business arrangement.

Amazon, now purchase his products and they offer them to their members. 

Mr. McClary went on to show several of his accounts from which he said Amazon purchased products from him.

One accounts showed an oder for over $96,000,00.

Another for $256,000 in orders in 1 month. He had over $352,000.00 in sales to Amazon in one month.  Now I need to let you know.

All of that was made possible, by following the step by step simple instructions in the ASM course. You can go here to learn more about the ASM team.  Listen I can’t guarantee, that when you decides to take up ASM on their practically insane offer and start a business that you will have the type of success that Mr. McClary has.

This here is to help you be extra attentive when you follow the training and teachings of ASM.

Thank you for still being here with me. I am glad you stayed to the end. 

I have something special for you from ASM, that I believe you are going to really appreciate.

Don’t waste another second here, Click this link and go claim this special gift I have for you from ASM.

But listen I saved the best for last.

How would you like to be able to raise all the money you ever need to start your business?

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