Create and Fund Your Amazon Business

Through Crowdfunding

The thought of funding your Amazon business through Crowdfunding may not have crossed your mind.

But if it has and you just didn’t know where to start, to learn how to fund your Amazon business using Crowdfunding, or who to trust or just how to start the process, you are at the right place at the right time.

You may not yet know my online friends Adam Ackerman and John Galley and that’s understandable.

Let me tell you, they found out that there a lot of people in the same canoe as you, who would like to be able to get funding to start an Amazon business.

So they went ahead and prepare a free video training series for you,…

on how you can get virtually, free money to start your business. But you’ll need to sign up now,

In this series, they happily show you how they managed to launch 7 different products.

And raised over $2,000,000 in pre-orders, before they even purchased inventory, and without risking any money.

Now that is powerful wouldn’t you say?

How to Raise Money With a Powerful Crowdfunding System


They did that leveraging the power of crowdfunding.

Leveraging, that is a powerful tool. You see right now you are in a canoe, I want to take you and place you in a 67 foot yacht.

Make you the captain. Give you an opportunity to run your own ship that you can scale up to as Big as you’d like.

Your 67 ft yacht is going to be Crowdfunding.

You get to test your idea and fund your Amazon business. You can do this easily by signing up for Adam’s and John’s free training here.

The concept is very simple: So pay attention.

First you do your research, under consideration that you do want to sell physical products, and make a short list of products that you’d want to sell and build a business around.

Next, you pick one product from that list and analyze it.

You are looking for any room for improvement that can be done to that particular product.

In other words making it new and improved.

After that, you reach out to a manufacturer and ask for a sample of that product (a prototype).

Once you have your prototype, you create a video and page for your crowdfunding campaign.

You then launch your crowdfunding campaign (following Adam’s and John’s proven step-by-step system) you’ll get to see pretty fast if the market WANTS your product, or not.

If they do (meaning they pre-order it), that means that your idea may be successful.

If not… well… you saved yourself a lot of money and time, and you can focus on the next idea.

But let’s say that people love your product.

The Crowdfunding Campaign is Over

Once the crowdfunding campaign is over, you end up with several things:

  • Proof of concept
  • Proof that the market wants to buy your product
  • Enough cash to invest in the inventory
  • Your first customers
  • Enough attention (from media and the market) to keep marketing your product successfully

Not bad at all, if you ask me.

How to Raise Money With a Powerful Crowdfunding System

Crowdfunding cash Adam Ackerman

Now, there are some nuances to this. Most people who try to do crowdfunding campaigns without guidance end up with failed campaigns (even though their products could become a success).

If you want to avoid that kind of scenario, and if you want to make sure your campaign succeeds, I highly recommend you sign up for Adam’s and John’s free video training series.

If you’re still unsure about taking this first step, let me ask you:  What do you have to lose?

I’m talking FREE training with no obligations—at worst, you’ll have learned some info, that you can decide not to use.

At BEST you’ll be making a big step towards building and transforming your business in the way you’ve only dreamed of.

Maybe now you’re having cold feet, wondering if this can really be real.

Let’s see what WikipediA has to say about the whole concept.

As you saw, according to wikipedia,  In 2015, it was estimated that worldwide over US $34 billion was raised this way.[2][3]  

That was 2015.  Today more people have heard about it and have jumped on the bandwagon. 

But with all these activities, comes some hyenas, and they eat everything down to the bone… That is why I’d like to share a part of a personal letter I recieved from my friends, John and Adam at

It reads…..

Dear G B,

Adam here from

John and I would like to personally thank you for registering to support the launch of our first course, Crowdfunding Cash.

Over the past 16 months John and I have personally sold over 20,000 units and generated over $2,000,000 in backer pledges. The best part is that we never purchased a single piece of inventory UNTIL we got our cash once the campaign ended.

Imagine being able to start and scale a business where people actually pay you before you actually have a product to sell. Sound to good to be true? I sure thought so until I did it several times myself.

Now I want to teach others how to do the same. Today at  PST video 4 will go live.

This will give people a chance to register and become a member of the Crowdfunding Cash course.


The cart will remain open until Feb 22nd,  11:59 pm  Fe 22nd. At that time the cart will close and no other members will be accepted.

New members have two choices for registration:

Please be on the lookout for additional emails throughout the day and over the coming week.

To our Success,

Adam and John   There you got it…do you have any questions?  Sign up for free and get to see your questions answered.



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