Isn’t it Time You go From Canceled Crowdfunding

Campaign to Being Fully Funded?

Sorry This Affiliate Offer is Closed

Isn’t it Time You go From Canceled Crowdfunding Campaign to Being Fully Funded?

A Failed Crowdfunding Campaign/Closed

From Canceled Crowdfunding campaign. Yes! This is canceled and not fully funded.  This is not a case study, generating over 5650% increase in revenue using the Crowdfunding Cash System anymore.

You have probably heard that “if you build it they would come.”

Unfortunately, that is not always true. 

Howdy!  Germey here and my apologies for you missing this, while it was useful!

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing now for several centuries…. hahaha

And this one was a no-brainer indeed.  I immediately had this out for you, but as it isn’t my product… the creators shut it down.

I can’t get you free money, but I have a way to help you get a decent amount of money build up in your coffers.

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Case in points you will find inside this case study, of a successful Crowdfunding campaign that was relaunched from a prior failed campaign.

There are lots of free information online on how to launch a Crowdfunding campaign. 

Some of them may even promote themselves as being the best fundraising sites for you.

Likewise, there are lots of self-proclaimed gurus ready to separate you and your money.

Some may even tell you to connect with them and make your dreams come true.

In an effort to protect themselves a lot of people have chosen to go the free information route…

many of them, unfortunately, end up with an unsuccessful campaign and wasted time. 

Don’t let that happen to you. 

Make Your Dream of Crowdfunding Come True

Fortunately, there are also some folks who actually do know what they are doing and can relay that skill to you, in a plain and simple usable way.

As soon as you implement what they have taught you, you realize your dream of Crowdfunding coming true.

Take a look at the following letter I received from my Online friend Adam, of the Crowdfunding Cash System. 

Dear Geeee,

This is now up for sale

Did you know that if your crowdfunding campaign exceeds $100,000 or more you are considered to be in the top 1% of all crowdfunding campaigns?

That is because the vast majority of campaign owners do not know what they are doing, plain and simple.

They might have a great product, but they have no idea how to tell the story.

Isn’t it Time You go From Canceled Crowdfunding Campaign to Being Fully Funded?

Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

What I mean by this is that there is a process for consistently reaching the $100,000 mark and beyond, but if you do not know how to push the right buttons or pull the correct levers, no matter how great your product is people will not know about it.

Lets take my friend Pete Peng for instance.

Pete is the founder of the FireFly iPhone case.

He launched his initial campaign on his own with no prior experience and within a few weeks canceled the campaign only having raised $2,000 out of a funding goal of $100,000.

Fast forward a few months. I agreed to work with Pete and we got started implementing the Crowdfunding Cash System.

Implementing exactly what we teach we were able to generate $113K in backer pledges and put Pete’s campaign in the Top 1%.

That is a 5,650% increase from his initial campaign…….


To learn how you can be in the top 1%

Your Friend,


Isn’t that a friendly and to point  Crowdfunding cash-generating training about the conditions of crowdfunding today?

But as you also saw, all is not lost. In essence, you can still make your dream of Crowdfunding come true.

You can still find the right people with the skills set to give you the proper support and guidance, you need to make your Crowdfunding dreams come true.

Click the link here to get started on a Four video series of free.

You will get the exact system used to consistently earn 6 figures in 45 days selling physical products online using the power and leverage of Crowdfunding.



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