Andreea-&-Iulian-Cimbala-A-Sister-And-Brother-Who-Achieve-$1 Million+ Per-month

Andreea-&-Iulian-Cimbala-A-Sister-And-Brother-Who-Achieve-$1 Million+ Per-month

Andreea & Iulian Cimbala, A Sister And

Brother Who Achieve $1 Million+ Per month


Andreea Cimbala said, “I always had my dream of becoming a businesswoman,” in her interview with founder Mr. TED NUYTEN as printed in his APRIL 26, 2017 edition.  Today Cimbala, is a successful business woman.

As a young woman, she has an incredible success story.

Ted Nuyten wrote of her, “this young woman and leader is really incredible, as she has become the first woman to enter the Top Earners chart at Business For Home and reach the number 3 position, earning $1,6 million a month and steadily increasing her income.”

“Today, you don’t have to be too smart to understand that the world is changing. Technology prevails, and physical work will disappear in the future. I understood that Network Marketing is a new industry, a proven industry that has created many more millionaires than any traditional industry.”

Network Marketing would be a kind of business that would allow me to work with people I want, wherever I want.” Iulian became the sponsor of his sister in the first opportunity they both worked with.


“He invited me to a presentation, and I came only because he was my brother.” Andreea says. “When I started in this industry, I was still in high school, a very intelligent girl, I wanted to go to college.  Andreea has since dropped out of college to do network marketing fulltime.  You can read their incredible story here.


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Candace says:

As a mother of 3 small children reading this story is life changing and an inspiration! The idea of not having to be a genius means that anyone can do it if they have the will to win! Sometimes when you have a dream that only you can see it can be challenging to overcome but to see that Andreea did it shows that anything is possible! The first step is saying yes to you!

Thank you for this!

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