About Us

About Us
freelancer-… This is an information & promotional site

Ajovialliving.com, founded by an Avid NETWORK Marketer. This is a site of curated stories, a gallery that allows the visual search and discovery of news, …

stories, reviews of products, companies or of people doing remarkable and memorable things in:

*** home-based business,

*** multi-level-marketing

*** direct selling,

*** affiliate marketing and more.

My goal is to provide you Positive or newsworthy things that are changing lives in many ways. 

Note: If your business does not relate to the above, please do not post.

We share memorable stories, and techniques when available, to inspire you for a mindset of successful, oriented life-changing & business adventures.

Likewise, Ajovialliving invites you to add your curated articles, news gallery of your success, friends success …

help others to discover the memorable living & business activities of awesome people around the world who you care


We bring you this wonderful platform from which you can freely share memorable & inspiring stories of successes by:

*** friends

*** business partners

*** mentors

*** celebrities and anyone you generally care for.

We want to help you celebrate these jovial moments & accomplishments in business, direct selling, network marketing, & MLM, affiliate marketing but also get the world to help you celebrate…

Life success people have achieved in this industry & their own business.

We make it easy for you to do so right here.  

But not only that you can create an advertising platform (recommended 70/30)* here and eventually, in time, get 100’s, 1000’s & who knows maybe even 10,000’s views and visitors to see your promotions.

So no need to spam…  if you are desperately in need of using spam techniques, this is not for you, because we won’t tolerate spam.

But if you are or desires to be a responsible marketer, go ahead and click “Sign In above.  

It will give you an opportunity to register and be able to post or curate your materials on here for free.

Likewise, we occasionally will introduce promotional materials we deemed,  valuable to you.

Most of the articles and posts here contain my affiliate links to other people’s products that I highly recommend you check out for your business.

I may receive compensation if you purchase through my link.

If you do, most of the time I often add bonuses, so email to find out.

You may find materials or stories taken from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Business-for-Home.org, Social Media, YouTube, Buzzfeed, BuzzZumo, BuzzFlop, BuzzLamp, News Feed, and other places here.

You’ll find published articles and stories, of success, in home-based business, network marketing business, submitted by happy bloggers from around the world.

Your submissions are currently opened for daily reviews and your highest quality, most appealing stories are showcased.

To publish your own material or to curate other people’s material please Click  “Register” under Meta or on the navigation bar above, to get started.

 If that doesn’t work Click sign in, then Register.

Start posting and I will review and approve what you post as long as it meets our criteria.

  • *70% NON-Promotional Post 30% Self Promotional…
  • Onsite Disclaimer:
  • We are independent contractors to some of the companies that our links, link to. Not all the links here are affiliate links, but be aware that if you purchase something here using one of the links, it is possible that we may get paid a commission for you doing so.


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